M A K E   A   M O V I E

Producer-for-hire, David Sterling, is available to help you make a successful movie on a low budget. Whether you want to produce, direct, write or star, he can guide you through all the necessary steps.  He can help make your first film a success for as little as $10,000.

Sterling Entertainment is the leading low budget movie-making factory. David Sterling is known as the low budget guru. Other people claim this, but how many movies do they have on the video store shelves? Mr. Sterling invites you to visit video rental and retail stores, where you can rent or buy such Sterling movie titles as Death Factory, Iron Thunder, Camp Blood 1 & 2, Blood Sisters, Zombie Chronicles, Dead Seven, Unseen Evil, Hell's Highway and many others. Sterling Entertainment boasts over 50 complete movies, many of which can be found in Hollywood Video, Blockbuster, Tower, Wherehouse Music, Virgin Mega Stores, Circuit City, Sun Coast, Best Buy and many other outlets. In addition, many of the films have been distributed worldwide, and are also available through Internet pay-per-view.

Many of Sterling Entertainment's films have been reviewed on the Internet, in books and magazines such as People, Entertainment Weekly, Premier and Hollywood Reporter. Your movie can receive the same coverage.

The $10,000.00 film package includes everything you'll need from start to finish. You can choose to star, produce, direct, write, shoot, or edit. Mr. Sterling can help you set up you own mini-filmmaking-factory. All you need to do is make your first film.

Mr. Sterling will take your project carefully through these steps:

  • Hire a writer to transform your idea into a screenplay (script)

  • Scout for shooting locations

  • Hire the director

  • Find a talented cast by setting up auditions

  • Hire the shooter (d.p.) with all the equimpent - camera (ditgal), lights and sound

  • Hire the special effects person (blood, gore, monsters, etc.)

  • Hire all key crew (sound, lightman, grip, production assistants)

  • Six day digtal shoot

  • All the food for cast and crew

  • All post production (digtal editing, sound mix with original music score)

Once your film is complete, David Sterling can act as your sales agent, if needed, to help get your film distributed in the U.S. (video stores) and overseas, as well as Internet-pay-per- veiw.