L E A R N    F R O M    T H E    B E S T

David Sterling is now offering one-on-one filmmaking courses.

Learn from the best. Mr. Sterling has produced over 50 films, many of which can be rented at hollywood video and blockbuster. Learn from a producer who makes 8 micro and low budget films a year. No other teacher in the U.S. can claim this.

Choose from one-day, two-day, and five-day courses, covering the following topics:

  • Make you first film for $10,000 or less - and make money!

  • Set up your own film production company - I make 8 movies a year, and you can too!

  • Set up U.S. and overseas disturibution.

  • Learn how to cast quality actors for free!

  • Obtain quality scipts for little or no money!

  • Learn how to shoot a movie in 6 days!

  • Learn how to hire a crew (director, editor, special effects designer, etc.). Find great people to work with!

  • Learn everything you need to know to start placing your movies in video stores like Hollywood Video, and selling your movies overseas, like I've been doing for years!

  • I'll even show you how to get your movies on Internet pay-per-veiw!


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