A B O U T   U S

Sterling Entertainment is the premier producer-for-hire of low budget filmmaking. Founder David Sterling has produced over 50 films on a micro-budget ($10,000.00 to $100,000.00), all of which have made money.

Many of the movies are available on DVD and VHS in video rental stores and retail outlets such as Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Tower Records, Best Buy, Virgin Mega Store, Wherehouse Music, Fry's and video stores all over the U.S.

We have also distributed movies throughout the world, with sales in Japan, Russia and China, just to name a few. Our films are also viewed on cable, pay-per-view and TV around the world. Additionally, we have many movies available on Internet pay-per-veiw.

Our movies has been mentioned in many magazines such as People, Entertainment Weekly, Fangoria, Backstage West, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Soap Opera Weekly, Video Business, Video Store Magazine, etc. In addition to print media, Sterling Entertainment has many listing of there movies on many entertainment web sites, such as The Internet Movie Database, Billy Bob Drive-In Movies, and many other.


David Sterling has worked in the entertainment business for over 20 years. He started working in the midwest as a mobile DJ at parties in high school. While earning his B.A. at Columbia College in entertainment business with study in film, TV, music and radio, Mr. Sterling ran a stage-light business working with rock & roll bands. He also learned all aspects of the entertainment business which included running a teen disco (parties) and working on America Market Place, a tele-shopping show that was broadcast nationally.

Sterling eventually moved to Southern Calfornia, where he video taped over 3,000 music acts, including The Offspring. He also started making movies, and within 12 years he had produced over 50, including such hits as Things, Evil Sister, The Coven, Dead Seven, Hell's Highway, and Death Factory.

David Sterling's three biggest hits as a producer are Unseen Evil, starring Tim Thomerson (Trancer, Air America and Volunteers); Iron Thunder, starring Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica, The Streets of San Francisco); and Scooter Kidz, starring the Razor Scooter stunt team. In addition, David Sterling has produced Poorman's Bikini Beach, which stars Los Angeles radio disc jockey The Poorman, who is also known as the sidekick for Rick Dees (KIIS-FM, Power Radio 106 and world famous KROQ radio). Bikini Beach has been playing on Southern Cailforina broadcast TV since 1999.

Mr. Sterling's most recent film project is the latest chapter in the Witchcraft series, Lair of the Serpent. Witchcraft is the longest running horror franchise in the world.